EzCatch Tissue Retrieval Bag

EzCatch® – Tissue
Retrieval Bag

The EzCatch Tissue Retrieval Bag is a secure, intuitive and cost-effective solution for tissue extraction during endoscopic surgeries. It is designed to contain and facilitate easy removal of resected specimens during laparoscopic procedures. The demand for a secure and user-friendly specimen retrieval bag is increasing rapidly in minimally invasive surgery due to the risk of abdominal cavity contamination.

EzCatch is an ideal solution for removing tissue specimens, including gall bladders and stones, appendices, ectopic pregnancies, lymph nodes, omenta, prostate glands and adrenal glands. EzCatch Bags are available in three different options which vary according to their opening technique to suit a variety of surgical needs.


Self-opening design

Opens automatically in the abdominal cavity and is held open by rigid metal arms (EzCatch Auto) or wire ring (EzCatch YR and EzCatch TR) during tissue capture


High strength thermoplastic polyurethane bag material which prevents tears and leakage

Easy to deploy

Pre-loaded non-tacky bag provides easy deployment and quick specimen retrieval

EzCatch Options


Reduces the Incidence rates of port site complications

Reduces the overall
procedural time

Maximizes the specimen

Minimizes the risk of port-site infection and intra-abdominal spillage

Reduces postoperative complications

Note: The products mentioned above are not approved for sale/use in the United States.


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