MorSafe Tissue Morcellation Bag

MorSafe® – Tissue
Morcellation Bag

MorSafe® is specifically designed for performing contained morcellation during minimally invasive surgical procedures such as myomectomy & hysterectomy. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Versator Tissue Morcellation System, but may also be used with any other compatible morcellator to contain and remove benign tissue masses. MorSafe is an ideal solution to perform contained morcellation in a closed system thereby reducing the risk of intraoperative tissue dissemination and enhancing surgical outcomes. The unique markings on the MorSafe bag facilitate quick deployment, optimal positioning, insufflation, morcellation and withdrawal of the bag.


Two Port Design

Morcellation Port and separate Camera Port

Unique Shape

Conforms to the abdominal cavity under insufflation

Distinctive Markings

For identification, positioning & removal of the bag after morcellation

Transparent Material

Allows visualization of the surrounding tissue in the abdominal cavity

Self-opening Design

Easier and faster insertion into the bag

Size Availability

Available in 3 different sizes

"Perform Only Contained Morcellation When Laparoscopic Power Morcellation Is Appropriate"
US FDA Safety Communication, Dated Dec.2020


Minimizes the risk of dissemination of tissue fragments and blood inside the abdominal cavity

When insufflated, acts as a closed system creating sufficient operative space

Acts as a barrier between targeted tissue and non-targeted abdominal content minimizing the risk of inadvertent damage to adjacent tissue

Eliminates the need of rigorous peritoneal washings after the morcellation

Reduces the risk of growth of parasitic myomas or adhesion formation in the future


MorSafe–Tissue Morcellation Bag




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